OpalCare™’s powerful features and real-time data integrations drive accuracy and efficiency in Medication Regimen Review (MRR) for the modern consultant pharmacist. The expanded features list below outlines how OpalCare empowers you to grow your business, streamline administration and support secure integrations with major EHRs, EMARs, pharmacy information systems and laboratory systems.
Clinical interactions

Works on-demand and behind-the-scenes with real-time pharmacy data.

Utilize our free DailyMed clinical database connection or upgrade to First Databank or Medi-Span as your clinical database, your choice!

Real-time data

Real-time integrations provide immediate updates to resident/patient demographics, physicians, and medication orders.

Automated flagging of new psychoactive and potentially unnecessary medications for review.

Get notified as soon as a prescription is filled!

Supports integration with major pharmacy information systems, including software solutions from QS/1®, McKesson Corporation, Computer-Rx, Mobile MedSoft®, and others.

Industry standard HL7® FHIR® support with LOINC and SNOWMED CT codes via our Equate platform.

Real-time lab data

Real-time integrations provide immediate updates to labs.

Get notified as soon as a new lab order is available!

Interfaces with leading laboratory systems via our Equate platform.

Industry standard HL7® FHIR® support via our Equate platform.

Real-time updates

Software automatically updates itself!

Be confident that you will always be using the most up-to-date, secure version available.

No longer worry about backing-up your data when updating the software!

Real-time data exchange with colleagues and clients

Make a change in a patient record and your colleagues’ have IMMEDIATE access to your changes!

Seamless team consulting leads to simplified vacation coverage and quality assurance.

Enhanced recommendation capabilities

Predefined library of recommendation templates.

Regulatory compliance

Predefined library of recommendation templates to meet the requirements of the State Operations Manual in Skilled Nursing Facilities.

No need to run a separate F-tag report the system provides you with a F-tag “to-do” filter to ensure that you have met the necessary requirements.

CMS Encounter Medication Therapy Model compliance

Clinical tools

Enhanced recommendations

Formulary coverage and lookup tools

‘Review complete’ workflow feature

Real-time medication interaction data

Enter notes, attachments and action items for almost any item.

Easy association of items

New ‘Clinical Outcome’ feature

Productivity via our intelligent work environment

Touch-friendly user interface

Your environment and data follow you wherever you connect

Create reminders for yourself and/or others on virtually any item within the system

Integrated help & support

Reports and graphs

Enterprise-grade reporting capabilities

Fully customizable reports and graphs.

Personalize your reports with logos for you and your clients

Exportable in multiple formats.

Reports are archived automatically.

Report on outcomes and 'Clinical Outcomes' of recommendations

Compare statistical information of several care centers with aggregation capabilities

Reporting and graphing options specifically designed for:

Medication Regimen Review

Recommendation Outcomes

Medication Utilization

Resident/Patient Observations

Secure, paperless reporting and clinical communications

Send a recommendation via secure messaging provided via XchangeLabs Dispatch™ Communications Portal

Ability to connect to our FHIR API to integrate with your own data storage or reporting systems

Data and security

Cloud-based data repository ensures secure access to your data

Data access 24/7 on world class servers

All data is encrypted "at rest"

Secure encryption and transmission of information

Real-time data exchange with colleagues and clients

Audit views of all data types to allow you to see who and how the data changed over time.

Enterprise user security and permissions

Hosted at world class data centers by highly skilled IT professionals.

Redundant data centers ensures optimum up-time and peace of mind.

HITRUST, ISO 22301, SOC 1, SOC 2 and SOC 3 certified cloud service provider

Coming Soon …

Fully customizable list of “HotText” that expand abbreviations as you type them.

Medication Therapy Management support

Customized questionnaires

Context-sensitive help

Billing capabilities and integrations

Time tracking

Custom workflows

Patient communications portal

Scheduled reports

Office 365 integration


Fully compatible with Windows 10 desktops, laptops, tablets and phones

Touch-screen friendly

Support for iPad, iPhone & Android tablets and phones coming soon!